Gettin' What You Give

by Rats Run Riot

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I wouldnt say that every cop‘s a bastard but I do say that every single one‘s too much “we‘re there for you” their cars lie in our faces they’re there to keep us quiet in our grudge we thought that it was so important to keep the people busy and the state strong she’d be freakin out he’d shoot and scream about society, you’re getting what you give There is nothing ever for the people we keep the machine goin for the worst we’re just lookin up to the steeple we’re the last and never will be first criminality is not a kind of personality who’s a criminal is decided by who’s in charge we are the symptoms of this awful disease and we never learned anything from that It’s comin’ back, that the youth has nothin’ to do And we don’t want to work for this system and you It’s takin’ ‘way our spaces and tramplin’ on our dreams Believe me, it’s way worse than this whole thing seems society, you’re getting what you give do we deserve the shit in which we live?


+++ Upcoming Shows 2020 +++

Apr 4 Lame at Heart (w/ Pink Wonder)
May 2 Erfurt (w/ Riot Spears, Wrackspurts)
Jun 7 Sunday Matinee (by Nunofyrbeeswax)
Sep ? Jena
Okt 3 Syrisch-Deutsches Strassenfest
+++ All genders welcome!!! +++
(Also contact us, if you need help with a wheelchair or anything else!!)

You're wondering about G20? Look, capitalism, you failed. Let's try something else, or the rage and desperation will devour us all.

No one has to be a cop! Not all cops automatically turn to 'bastards', but some are so indoctrinated by the existing power imbalances, that they feel like fighting for the right side. (though it's all too often for the right wing...)

But there are no sides, as there are no gods and no devils, we're all fucking HUMAN!

Presented to you by BRUNO IST DAGEGEN collective! Tätätä.

+++ Past Shows +++
Sep 12 Greife (BRUNO ist Dagegen: w/ Cava, Banana of Death, Gehirnfrost)
Aug 8 Rehberge Park
Jun 26 Open-Air-Rave im Wald bei Birkenwerder
Feb 22 Galle in Halle (<3)
Feb 21 P31 Nürnberg (w/ Bifi im Berghain, Bass Sick Shit)
Jan 25 Schwester Martha (BRUNO ist Dagegen: w/ Toshnota, Vorsicht Kinder, Pharaoh TV)
Nov 23 BASTA! Wedding @ Sch8
Nov 9 Ballärexpress@ Scharni (w/ Old Dust of Hollow + Shit Missile + DJs)
Oct 18/19 'BRUNO ist Dagegen' Vinyl-Release-Gala @ Rote Insel
Oct 25 Vulva Kuriosum (Birthday Bash w/ Ponys uff Pump GLAM SHOW)
Sep 28 Fischladen (BID concert w/ Scum Babies, Damsel in Distress)
Sep 7 Supamolly Soli (w/ BananaOD)
Aug 10 Tommy-Haus (w/ Die Dschungel)
Aug 9 OBOA Festival (w/ Nunofyrbeeswax)
Jul 27 Querfeldein Festival
Jul 26 Tipsy
Jul 20 Schokoladen Hoffest
Jun 21 KvU (w/ Banana Of Death, Gehirnfrost, Riot Spears)
May 18 - Scherer8 - PHILOXENIA Soli w/ Maske
May 08 - Herzbergstr. w/ Banana Of Death, Angry Skeletons
April 27 - KvU w/ Nunofyrbeeswax, Die Dschungel, Detektor S.
Mar 3 - Toast Hawaii - w/ Eat Ghosts
Feb 23 - Scherer - Soli für BASTA!
Feb 3 - K19 - Brand-Soli w/ Ponys auf Pump
Jan 5 - Schwester Martha w/ Banana of Death, TRL, Maske
Dec 12 - Rote Insel w/ Die Dschungel
Nov 1 - MenschMeier w/ BALG
Sep 7 - Pracht (Leipzig) w/ Sect Mark, Russe
Sep 6 - Zukunft w/ 24/7 Diva Heaven
Sep 1 - Fischladen w/ Restless Liver
Aug 25 - Wukania w/ Faulenza
Aug 20 - KadterschmiedeR94 w/ Die Dschungel
Aug 18 - Schokoladen w/ Wrackspurts
Aug 17 - ImI Open Air (Brand-Erbisdorf)
Aug 12 - Camp Tipsy Festival
Jul 27 - Stö (Leipzig) w/ The Babes
Jul 26 - WTFsUp @ Drugstore
Jul 6 - Kulturbotschaft w/ RYL, Die Dschungel
Jun 25/26 - BRN (Dresden) w/ Halbtal
(May 12 - Garage Pankow w/ Father Midnight
Apr 7 - Trxxxter w/ Screw the Carpet
Feb 16 - Kulturbotschaft w/ Cosmic Jester, Wrackspurts, Bacabs)


released April 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Rats Run Riot Berlin, Germany

punk is just fun, liberation from trying to be who you are not. it's for everyone of every gender, form & class,

so let the rats run riot in your brain, write & play some songs with your friends to make the world a better place!
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